5 Exhibition DO’s

By April 24, 2017Events, Tradeshow

5 Exhibition or Tradeshow DO’s

On the heels of another fantastic Graphics Canada Expo, here are 5 DO’s at a tradeshow or exhibition.

DO check out the competition

It’s not wrong to find out what your competition is doing…it’s VERY right. Check out their booth, get any take-homes, and chat with some of their people. They’ll probably do the same to you. Know thy enemy.

DO walk around

See what is hot at the show. Take some pics of booths or displays that catch your eye, even if they’re not your direct competitors. Discover what is the next trend in the industry. Possibly find new partnerships or business expansion ideas. Plus, it’s good exercise. It keeps the blood flowing and is a bit of a rest from standing all day.

DO use a variety of visuals

At a tradeshow, you are in direct and physically close competition with possibly hundreds of other organizations. You NEED to stand out from the crowd. Use physical space, colour, light, movement. Anything you can do to create more traffic around your display.

DO have take-homes

Make people remember you long after the exhibition is finished. It might be a long car ride back to the office, so give them something to look at with your contact information front and centre. And don’t skimp out! Make your take-homes stunning. This may be all they remember of you after the show is finished.

DO announce your attendance online

Let people know you will be exhibiting or visiting the tradeshow. Either on your website, or social media, announce your presence in advance and during the show. Live posting on social media is a great way to keep people engaged.

These are 5 simple strategies any organization at an exhibition or tradeshow can use to boost their effectiveness. Good luck!

5 exhibition DO's

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